8 Tips for Abundance

Abundance is a 'State' of Being

Abundant people are always focused on what is right in their lives…

Abundant people are always focused on what is right in their lives, instead of what is wrong. If you are one of those people that sees the good in a situation instead of the bad, then you are on the right path. Be grateful for the blessings in your life and know in your heart that everything is a blessing so we have much to give gratitude for on a daily basis.  Now you want to raise the bar to a higher level and start 'being' each day in a constant state of joy and happiness always reaching for that better feeling. But, if you are someone that always sees the negative, you have been programmed in lack and limitation and this needs to change.

Start looking at the world and all the people in it for what is good and right, versus what is bad and wrong.  See the silver lining in each of these situations and take some good from it. Look for the opposite to your negative perspective and by simply changing your thinking, speaking and acting in the positive way abundance and prosperity in all areas of you life will start to appear.

Abundant people are always looking for the solution versus the problem.

The power of being solution-oriented can never be overstated. When things come up in your life, are you stuck in the problem, or do you immediately go to the solution? People who have an abundant mind are always looking for ways to solve a problem. They know there is always a solution, always an answer. Do you focus on your problems and talk about them, tell stories of how bad they are, try to compete with friends of how bad you have it? To be abundant look for solutions and focus little or no attention on the actual problem.Switch off negative new and negative people. They disturb your flow of positive energy and add no value to your situation. If possible have a complete 'media blackout' for at least a month and concentrate on pure positive energy.

Visualise and Meditate and practice re-affirming your 'I Am' statements and watch the serendipitous events that start to show up in your life.

Abundant people focus on what they can give in a situation

Abundant people focus on what they can give in a situation, versus what they can take. When you go into a relationship, work environment, or any type of interaction are you focused on how to bring and express the best of you so you can contribute, or are you focused on what you can get out of the situation?  Abundant people know that as they give the best of themselves, they will receive more and more from the Universe like clockwork. People with a lack mentality, believe there’s only a limited amount and want to get “their share” so they focus on taking.There is no such thing as competition.  Competition comes from a 'lack of' or poverty mindset.  If you are in a constant state of being abundant then you can lead with a 'servant heart' without any fear or anxiety of giving competitive advantage to anyone else.  Servant Leadership is the characteristic of paying forward to others a stream of ongoing value and support that requires the development of 'emotional intelligence'.

Give without want, and so shall you receive multiplicably in return.

Abundant people take 100% responsibility for everything in their lives.

They know they create their reality, either good or bad. They know they can change it.  People who come from a lack mentality want to split hairs and blame others for their situation. They blame the government, the economy, their employers, their spouse, their kids, and on and on.  When you have an abundant mentality and take 100% responsibility you then are empowered to create life the way you want it.  When You’re Living the Law of Abundance You’re Never Again a Victim.When you accept that you are the creator and co-creator of everything in your physical reality you can then move to a state of 'being' whatever you want your circumstance to Be.  Being is 'first cause' followed closely by your thinking, speaking and acting.  The fastest way to abundance is simply to just 'Be' abundant and then your thinking, speaking and acting will follow.  It is a tight circle and tight cycle.

This is what is meant by 'wealth consciousness', just be wealthy!

Abundant people admire and support others.

People mired in lack consciousness are jealous and envious of others.  When you look at someone who is more successful, attractive, fun, etc than you judge yourself to be, do you feel inspired by them, or do you feel jealous and envious?  Abundant people understand there is nothing to compete over, because in an abundant universe, there is more than enough for everyone. There is never anything to be jealous or envious over.  When an abundant person sees a quality or desires something someone else has, they know they too can create it, and are therefore inspired to do so. Jealousy and envy are of the lack mentality, and will only create more lack and scarcity in your life.

Abundant people appreciate everyone and everything around them.

They appreciate their life and every life experience.  People who come from a lack consciousness are focused on tearing down or complaining about everything.  When you’re in appreciation you’re in abundance. When you’re in anger you’re in lack.  Be in the 'Now' and appreciate the little things and fine details of this incredible physical existence we have been blessed with – have you heard the saying;

'God is in the detail'…take a moment NOW and just BE.

Abundant people know the universe is always supporting them.

People caught in the quicksand of lack mentality believe the universe short changes them, only supports them some of the time, or not at all. People operating in the majestic ease of abundance are in the flow of the universe and will experience more wonderful things which come to them automatically. Because they know the universe is a friendly place and always supporting them, they attract more abundance to them by being prepared and accepting of it.  People who feel the universe is not supporting them are coming from a false premise that the universe is limited.You are at cause of everything.  The Universe or God has not dealt you some arbitrary hand like a game of cards.  Your Being, Thinking, Speaking and Acting is you by design.  You as creator and co-creator!  Everything you require to have true abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life is already given unto you.  You have already 'asked and it is given' unto you every time no exception.

In the words of 'Abraham'… "All is Well, let go of the oars and go with the flow"… Jerry & Esther Hicks

If your a Entrepreneur or business owner and you are experiencing 'lack and limitations' in your business then the best place to start the turnaround in your business is with YOU. Your mindset (beliefs, habits and attitude) will determine the success you enjoy in your business.


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    Great article Drew – taking 100% responsibility for your life really resonates with me. This is something that at times we all find difficult to apply to our lives. Thanks for bringing this to my awareness again.
    To your abundant success

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    I love the part that abundant people take 100% responsibility. That is something that is so lacking in so many. They think everyone owes them and don’t look back at themselves for the answers to their problems.

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    @Jan, @LuSundra, @Danny… thanks for the comments. Abundance is something we actually don’t need to work at. It is in fact our natural ‘State’… as adults that have worked hard since birth to develop dis-empowering habits and attitudes what we actually need to do is just BE. BE the perpetual State of Abundance, Wealth and Prosperity. We need to work at un-learning and un-cluttering the conscious and sub-conscious minds. Turn off the ‘monkey chatter’… “let Go and let GOD”.

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    It is not wrong to feel down sometimes. Feeling that you don’t have anybody, you can’t go anywhere, you’re totally at lost! But what is really important is how you accept it the challenge and maintain your composure. Thinking that everything will be fine soon and its just another experience in life that can help you a better person to be more stronger in the future.

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