Are You A Prospecting Disaster?

Are you a Prospecting Master or Disaster?

Watch this brief Video to Learn the 5 Phases of Dialogue

Is this happening to you?

  • You Invite Your Prospect To Watch Your Webinar
  • When You Call Them Back They’ve Vanished, Or…
  • If You Do Reach Them They Haven’t Watched Your Webinar & You Feel In Your Gut They Never Will, And…
  • Do You Find The Majority Of Your Prospects Vanish Into Thin Air Never To Be Heard From Again… Is This Happening To YOU?

ProspectingThe first step to fixing this issue is to recognise that the Problem is Not Your Prospect… The problem is more than likely you. Think of it this way;

“If your prospect didn’t show up for you, they probably feel you didn’t show up for them on the first call back…”

Let me explain…

First. let’s recognise that your prospect showed up first and bared themselves asking for help.

Now how did you respond?

Did you show up for them being authentically sensitive to where they are right now in their life, finding out without judgement, what asking for help from then actually means to your prospect?

Did you “Ask The Right Questions“?

Think about this for a moment…

Let’s go a little deeper.

Are you willing to take the time to ask relevant questions to learn, and actually LISTEN to And respond appropriately to their answer?

Are you meeting them and understanding where they are BEFORE inviting them to look at your company presentation?

Are you allowing them to feel feel consciously and sub-consciously that they are being heard, appreciated and understood?

If you are… they’ll show up for the next step of your business process with you… if not you’ve more than likely lost them forever!

Now their unwillingness to continue with you, to accept your calls, to return your calls, heck… to even respond to your emails is not because they’re not motivated to make a change in their life. It’s because you’ve failed to build TRUST with them…. period.

There is an easy solution to YOUR problem…

Prospecting Mastery

Firstly, you need to know there are five stages to the dialogue with a Prospect.

  • the Connecting stage
  • the Revealing stage
  • the Transition stage
  • the Presenting stage and
  • the Commitment stage

Most of the stages have a set of specific questions that MUST be asked to establish trust and reinforce to the Prospects that you are listening and they are being heard.

Can you Connect and Close?

There is no point in mastering lead generation if you can’t connect and close Prospects.

Let’s get ‘real’ around this point. Done properly, a conversation with a Prospect is going to take between 10-15 minutes (20 minutes tops) so how many people can you speak with per day (without being a slave to your business and feeling like a second rate tele-marketer).

Let’s say you want to work the ideal 4 hour work day and let’s say 5 days per week. That’s 20hrs per week. And let’s agree that 65% of your time MUST be spent in income producing activities, like calling back your prospects… that means you have 13 hrs per week to connect and close. If we allow 15 minutes a call it means you can have 52 meaningful conversations per week.

Now I want to share a little secret with you… hopefully to inspire you.

My sponsor (fellow leader and good mate) in my direct sales business ONLY speaks to 40 people each week and for the last 4 years has averaged over $100,000 per MONTH (yes per month) in sales. He is a verified ‘seven figure earner’… AND here is the best part…

He doesn’t know how to Market… he doesn’t do Facebook, Blogs, Articles, Video etc etc etc… nothing!

You see, lead generation is something that you can outsource. Now don’t get me wrong or misunderstand my knowledge or belief around personal branding, offering value and attraction marketing… trust me ‘I get it’.

The point here is you can’t ‘outsource’ the connecting phase with Prospects (the human interaction), the five stages of dialogue. And if you MASTER that Skill, (like my sponsor has and I am) you can do less work, speak to less people and make a lot of money… or conversely speak to more people and make ridiculous money.



  1. says

    You just need to overcome your mistakes on prospecting than you will eventually get good on theses skill sets. Thanks for sharing this great blog post Drew!

  2. says

    Wow – Who is your sponsor Drew ?? lol!
    Yes I agree, it is all about posture and taking control of the situation, keeping on track and really listening and relating back. Top that with some “take away” and closing skills and it works.

    I never used to be great at this, used to talk way too much and end with something flimsy like,”I’ll wait to hear from you…..” Ohhhh you can see why it wasn’t working!

    I won’t say I’ve cracked the calls entirely yet, but I’m having much more success now, than before.

    Great informative post,

    • says

      Hi Nicky, great question (Jeremy Minor)… top income earner in 3 different companies by mastering just one skill – prospecting, connecting and closing. It’s great to hear you are having success with your callbacks.

  3. says

    This is a very good video, very well done! I am really glad that I can find such important and useful materials on the internet, thanks to your site I can learn new things which is always an exciting and important things for me! Thanks for sharing!

  4. says

    I like your ending, “you can’t outsource human interaction”.
    And there are loads of marketers out there that don’t pay enough attention to the connecting phase, that believe social bookmarks should be done by them because they’re, oh, such an important part of the process!
    Everything that can be outsourced, we should outsource. And then focus on the more delicate things. At first sight one could think outsourcing is just a way for him to lose more money, but in time the advantages are overwhelming.

  5. satoko vann says

    great video. I learn a lot from this video of yours. I was interested in internet marketing, but all the youtube, facebook, blog kind of things make me hesitate just because I was looking for simpler business. But after watching this video I am convinced that I can do internet marketing with this 5 steps in much simpler state of mind, and make money. Thank you so much. Satoko

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