Content Research and How to Leverage Technology

Content Research is really NOT that tricky with the right tools.


So you want to dominate your 'Niche' within your 'Target Market' and elevate your status as a leading 'authority' having influence over people because of the quality of the CONTENT you produce…. right? Then watch this Video and Read this post;



AFTER you have watched this Video and read, commented and shared this post watch another fantastic Video here on Keyword Research

BUT, where do you start your Content Research?

Well the easiest place is to be 'in flow'… what I mean by this is that if you already have an interest in a subject matter and a natural passion for a topic (and a natural gift and talent for articulating the information and conveying the message) then start here… simply share what you know. Literally create your own content.

So what is content?

Content ResearchWell in the context of online marketing for attracting people to your website it could be anything from;

  • Websites to…
  • Articles
  • Blogs
  • Video's
  • e.books
  • Images
  • Press releases
  • Reports / Reviews
  • etc (literally any form of online hosted media)

Before you produce ANY content, you should have selected a niche and you should have found good keywords within that niche. Remembering that by 'good' we mean the keyword has:

  • a good level of traffic
  • low competition and
  • commercial value

At this point in the process, our thoughts turn to the creation of web pages that we want to see rank in the search engines for our selected keyword.

Of course, in order to create such a page, for example on our website or blog, we need written material to put on to our page. We can’t just write content about anything. We need to write content that is specifically optimized for the keyword we want to rank for.

What Content Creation options do your have?

Well above we talked about creating your own content based on something that you are passionate about (this is preferred however it still needs to use Keywords that have a good level of traffic, low competition and commercial value…. remember?

And what if you just have a 'brain freeze' and you can't produce any of your own 100% original content? Then here are some other options;

  • Outsource the writing to someone else.
  • Re-publish another persons content (and give them credit).
  • Get content from elsewhere and re-purpose the content (put you spin and flavor into it and significantly change it).

How can you position yourself as an Authority?

Here's a simple tip that you can apply to most target market's and niche's and please be realistic when I share this strategy with you (it obviously wouldn't apply to Brain Surgery as an example).

Once you have identified the right target market and niche and selected the right keywords you need a tool like Market Samurai 'Content Search' to find the 'popular and authority' content for your keywords.

If you were to investigate and study the Top 5; books, e.books, articles, blogs, video's, reports, reviews, Authors and attended seminars, conferences and then apply this principal; Learn, Do, Teach you would become the authority (or at least one of the authorities) on the subject matter you were focusing on.

And guess what…? Anyone can do that. It just take a decision and the commitment to the task. Due to the Internet the information is readily at your fingertips to quite literally become the next authority in your niche target market.

Why is Re-publishing or Re-purposing Content of benefit?

If we’re comparing two web pages and the first page has a number of incoming links or ‘backlinks’, and the second page has none, then we’d say the first is more popular or more authoritative. If we’re comparing two pages and the first page has a higher Google Page Rank, then again, we’ll say that it’s more popular. If we’re doing research to help us create interesting content that Google will like and our readers will engage with and hopefully other websites will link to, then wouldn’t we like to know what content is currently popular? – what content is currently being linked to?

Absolutely, and this is where Market Samurai's easy to use sophisticated 'Content Search' and analyse functionality is a must for anyone serious about producing 'kick ass content'.

Content Research In conclusion

If your going to spend your precious time producing content that the search engines will like and your readers will engage with then you need to have a strategy and a plan, you need to do the proper keyword research and you need to have the right tools to analyse the popularity and authority of the content you are competing against.

Success in network marketing, business and life comes down to taking personal responsibility and 'Being' the leader you are destined to become by doing what you know must be done. You have the information now, you can't pretend to 'un-know' it… the question is will you take action?


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    You got it down to the point Drew on theses fundamentals in leveraging technology effective immediately and consistently writing high quality content in your niche without the brain freeze.

  2. says

    Hey Drew,

    I love your article/video on this subject…
    I especially love the 3 step system and find
    it to be of great use…Learn, Do & Teach..
    it really doesn’t get any easier than that..
    the only thing them is to get your Keyword Research
    down pat, then you are really Set to Succeed!!
    also love your “re-purposing” method…very nice!!


  3. says

    Nicely laid out Drew and you’re right, if you are passionate about something and you know your product or service, then writing about it is easy.

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    Content is the king. We’ve been hearing of that all the time so it is important for a blogger to provide a good content to satisfied his visitors needs. To make this possible, he must do the necessary research in order to come up with a good content.

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